Caravan walk 2011: Elbasan - Lin v.v.

During the Caravan Walk 2 from April 25 - May 8 2011 the Via Egnatia Hiking Trail has been marked from Elbasan to Lake Ohrid, a stretch of about 80 km. It is a beautiful route that follows the Via Egnatia through the mountains, with breathtaking views on the valley of the Skumbin river.

A group of some VEF members and 10 economy students of the University of Elbasan walked the route and painted the signs on trees and rocks. People in the small villages welcomed the walkers with great hospitality. Quite a few of these villages have actually been stations along the Via. It has been long since these villages used to welcome foreign travellers to stay overnight.

A printed copy of the Via Egnatia painting has been given to the school in Dardhë. The VEF has a special interest in this school: it will be involved in the Hiking Trail for information, accomodation and monitoring. To make this possible (and to give the children a school that doesn't leak and has electric light, heating and toilets) the building needs repair and some adaptation. For the costs of this project, €40.000, the VEF asks sponsorship by companies and individuals. (Read more...)

On the way back the students had gone home and we were joined by some newcomers. From Lin a new route up the mountain was found avoiding the asphalt road and new signs were painted all along the trail from the new perspective.